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This project consisted of researching on Colwyn Bay's Congo Training Institute, which ran between 1891-1911, a radical idea from a radical Welshman, William Hughes. His response was to set a missionary training college at Colwyn Bay. His approach,…

raffia basketry, black and white

Small drum, detail
It is composed of a wooden body, covered all around by animal skin with hair, and attached by strings also made of animal skin.

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Lamellaphone musical instrument, thumb piano

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Lamellaphone musical instrument, thumb piano

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Dancer figurine made of raffia. It pictures a dancer wearing a black and white raffia costume.

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These fibres come from raffia plants. First, fibrous inner layer of the palm frond leaves are removed and then rolled together to add strength. Next, they are dried during a minimum of three days. Finally, they are worked to soften the fibre before…

The raffia is dyed before being woven what creates this tartan pattern. Woven on a vertical manual loom.

The textile is made of fibres from Raffia palm leaves. The original fibres are weaved into the textile base using a single loom by men. Women use natural plants as dye to colour the shredded fibres, and weave them onto the basic textile to create…

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Made of raffia and glass pearls. This type of hat was originally made of natural beads, and some still are.

Carved wood

This is a mortar and pestle used to process rice, cassava leaves, cassava flour, plantains, potatoes...

Original classification: "Q. Spoons"

Wooden stool with ten legs and a geometrical pattern on the seat. Original classification: "N. Stools, head rests, neck rests"

Original classification: "B: Quivers (arrows and darts), bows, shields"

Belt, previously conserved. Original classification: "Z: unknown"

Piano or finger xylophone. Tortoiseshell sound box and cane keys. Original classification: "K. Musical instruments".

Textile belt with three different shades of brown. Small circle Balls attached to one edge, possibly from a plant. Original classification: "Z: unknown"

Two pieces of pottery, one significantly larger than the other. Patterns on one side of the pottery. Original classification: "V. Sherds and clay bits and arrow heads"

Three whips, one of lighter wood, another with brass wire on handle. Original classification: "S. Miscellaneous & unclassified objects"

Wooden box with carving of anthropomorphic head on lid. The rest of the lid contains triangular relief carvings. The face on lid seems to have a beard. Around the box and lid there is a 'woven' style carving. Inside is plain. Original…

Yula box in half oval form with carvings on the lid and box. They are geometric designs and the lid contains what appears to be relief carvings in the shape of an eye. There is a hole on each of the lid and base, in alignment and the string is…

Yula box in form of a semi circle with carvings throughout. Original classification: "R. Domestic objects (spatulas, tire pistons, drills, farm knives, bowls, vessels, fans, tapa cloth, beaters, looms, bobbins, staff and walking stick"

Box in boat shape, made of wood with metal studs and nails. There is a plaited, fibre handle or sash. It is unclear whether the box can be opened, it appears to be sealed with the fibre. There are decorations on the lid, linear shapes and pixels. …