Members personal collection


Members personal collection


Collection of objects belonging to members of the Congo great Lakes Initiative project

Items in the Members personal collection Collection

Tshinu ne muinshi (in tshiluba) / Liboka na motuteli (in lingala)
This is a mortar and pestle used to process rice, cassava leaves, cassava flour, plantains, potatoes...

Carved wood

Ceremonial hat
Made of raffia and glass pearls. This type of hat was originally made of natural beads, and some still are.

The textile is made of fibres from Raffia palm leaves. The original fibres are weaved into the textile base using a single loom by men. Women use natural plants as dye to colour the shredded fibres, and weave them onto the basic textile to create…

Bag<br />
Nkutu (Kikongo)<br />
Saki (Lingala, mot d&#039;origine francaise)
The raffia is dyed before being woven what creates this tartan pattern. Woven on a vertical manual loom.


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