Horniman Museum


Horniman Museum

Items in the Horniman Museum Collection

Seated wooden figure with metal studs on shoulders, cheeks and forehead.

figure (art)
Wooden figure of a female, with a long thick neck, hands on the stomach, legs apart, fixed onto a rectangular base of a different wood. Figure is made from one piece of light-weight, light-coloured soft wood.

Wooden figure, seated.
Carved wooden figure of a seated man. The figure sits cross-legged, resting the left hand on the right ankle, and resting his head in the right hand. The figure has carved cross-hatch decoration on the top of the head.

ritual figures
Pair of wooden fetish figures. One with legs and arms the other is limbless, the figures are attached with a thong that passes through their necks. .

figure (art)
Wooden figure of male with a long thick neck, flat crest on the head, hands on the stomach, feet apart, standing on a round blackened mound, which is itself on a rectangular base of a different wood. The figure is made from light-weight, light-…


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